I got a deluxe sample from Sephora in 150 to try out. The colour was a little too yellow for me if I purchased I would go with something with a slightly more pink undertone. I noticed when I first applied it looked great, but by the end of the day it had shifted quite yellow. I would really suggest you try a sample before committing to a colour.

Performance wise it went on really easily with a brush and gave me great coverage. It built up beautifully over my red spots so I didn’t need to use any concealer. I set it with my normal powder. I’m a very oily girl and I thought it would be drier but I did have to blot throughout the day. It wears beautifully, it’s super lightweight and comfortable to wear. It has a lovely, light powdery finish to it. It remind me a lot of my HG Estee Lauder Double Wear but at the end of the day I can’t wait to take off the Double Wear, it feels thick and heavy. The Fenty foundation remains super lightweight up even after 12+ hours of wear time.

Aside from the colour matching/shifting issue I really love this foundation and will definitely be going back to get matched and pick up a full-size bottle when I need a new foundation.

It stays very dark and fluffs out my lashes really nicely. I really like it – the results, the brush size, the packaging – the only problem is the cost of this thing. It reminds me so much of my normal HG (L’oreal Voluminous Million) mascara that I could not possibly justify spending $30/tube on it when I could be spending only $10.

If you don’t purchase L’oreal or you want to buy Vegan then I’d say it’s a great alternative, but I can’t justify it myself.

I signed up for a year of the Luxe Box subscription box (same company that runs Top Box, which I’ve never tried).

It had a good range of products and the first box alone was worth enough for me to justify the year long subscription. I got 8 products of smaller/indie brands in my first box. They are full size or deluxe sample size. It is a seasonal box, so I will keep you up to date with future boxes.

If you are Canadian and trying to find an interesting box, I think this might be a good one.

I drank the Wengie koolaid and purchased one of these Perhaps Unicorn face massager tools based on her recommendation. I instantly fell in love with it. It feels so good to massage your jaw area with it. I have no idea if it helps to slim your face or anything, but the tool feels luxurious and has a great shape. I use it all over my face and jaw weekly. It was very expensive but it came in a nice box, in a nice bag, and the tool itself is beautiful so I felt like it was good value.

The longer you wear this the better your skin will look. I am never how good the coverage is when I first put it on, which is confusing, but by the end of the day, I’m feeling confident. I do need to powder after application, otherwise, I get pretty greasy.

It’s a very natural looking foundation that looks and feels like skin. I’d say it best if your skin is already pretty flawless. It can cake up if you apply too much.

I was confused by the 30-day Murad Acne Complex kit I purchased from Sephora – It came with the cleanser, the sunscreen/moisturizer, a sulphur mask, and a spot treatment. It didn’t feel like a complete skincare system for 30 days… (no regular moisturizer?)

My skin didn’t really clean up my skin or perform any miracles and I really thought it should have included a better moisturizer. These are very expensive products and the ingredient quality didn’t live up to my expectations. I have tried other Murad moisturizers that I love but nothing in this kit really stood out for me.

We tried the Kiwi-Apple & Pomegranate Ade Mask. They are fairly standard K-beauty sheet masks that we can purchase locally at Superstore for a couple of bucks. They smell amazing and left our skin feeling nice. They aren’t super memorable, but they have a bunch of different flavours if you wanna try some out. They are boring but safe. I would purchase more flavours to try.