Dior Airflash Spray Foundation 12hr Wear Test & Review

$78!!!!! Canadian Dollars… What?!?!!?1! That’s so freaking expensive! But I decided to try it anyway 🙂

I have the colour 100, but it only comes in about 11 shades. I felt like 100 was an excellent skin tone match for me. I spray it on to an Artis brush to apply it, which works well. It gives excellent coverage – evens things out and covers up little red marks you might have well. I don’t need to go in with a concealer afterwards.

It feels very lightweight and blends so easily, even after wearing it for 12 hours. I have combo skin, and I do feel like it wears a little on the oily side. It doesn’t settle in any lines or emphases any texture. It looks like skin.

Did I like it? Yup! Would I recommend it? I’m not sure I could recommend an $80 foundation… but don’t think you’d be disappointed if you gave it a shot!

TON Cosmetics Lipsticks 12hr Wear Test & Review

Ton Cosmetics is a small Canadian beauty company that sells lipsticks! You go to the website, fill in a quiz about your skin tone, and they match you to lipsticks that fit your complexion. Currently, they have nine reds + 9 nudes available. I did the colour test and felt like I got accurate results (fair neutral), so I picked up the corresponding red and nude colour.

Fair Neutral 1 (nude) gave me concealer lips, in a baaaaad way. It was a shimmery finish that left my usually dry lips looking super patchy and gross. I didn’t leave the house with it on.

Fair Neutral 2 (red) was a gorgeous warm red that wore super well all day. It kept my lips feeling comfortable and hydrated all day. It fades down elegantly between reapplications.

The packaging is cute! White with a little gem on top. The lipsticks have a light vanilla scent, which isn’t my favourite.

Highly recommend you give them a look if you are looking for a red and you want to shop Canadian!

Sephora #LipStories Cash Money 12hr Wear Test & Review

The Lipstories colour in Cash Money (dark green shade) was such a huge disappointment! I tried wearing this for 12 hours, and it wore so horribly. At work, I had to reapply it every 15 minutes to make sure I was getting decent coverage. Even if you blot and powder it, it refuses to stain or stay put. When it fades down, it looks patchy, gross, and not flattering.

The lipstick had a weird smell and taste to it, but the packaging was super cute and affordable.

It’s not worth the trouble of having to maintain it unless you plan to wear it for like less than an hour. I never return anything, but I returned this….

The Face Shop Simpsons Character Mask Review

The Simpsons Character Masks are such a neat concept for masks! Each member of the Simpsons family has a different mask size! Homer is a large size mask, Marge is a medium, and Lisa is a small size mask. We compared the large size to a small size, and there wasn’t a huuuuge size discrepancy, but it’s still such a great concept.

The masks themselves are pleasantly underwhelming. They felt clean and moisturising and super relaxing. The patterns are charming, even if you aren’t a huge Simpsons fan like me 🙂

I would recommend you pick one up and give it a try! They are pretty cheap to buy.

Manna Kadar GLO Illuminator 12hr Wear Test & Review

The highlight lasts all day, even after 12 hours. The packaging does leak a little bit, which is super annoying. It’s easy to blend or mix with other products.

The colour and highlight the product gives are beautiful. The highlight is smooth and dewy with no visible sparkle in it. It’s long lasting and natural.

I received this in a beauty box, which is the only reason I own it. I think it’s pretty expensive to buy it on its own, especially compared to the similarly lovely NYX liquid highlighters.

Milk Makeup Flex Concealer 12hr Wear Test & Review

This concealer goes on a little tacky and sticks well to the skin without feeling thick. It’s a great blend of coverage and blendability. I wear it every day under my eyes. It’s not high coverage, but it wears so smoothly and doesn’t crease at all. I forget that it’s even on.

It’s expensive, but the packaging is excellent, I love the tubes. On zits, you have to layer it up or be ok with slightly lower coverage. If I have something I need to cover up, I use my Tarte Shape Tape instead. With that and the Milk Flex concealer, I feel like I can cover up anything my face has to throw at me :p

L’Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Rock Mascara 12hr Wear Test & Review

Miss Manga Rock wears excellently on a 12 hour day! It does clump your lashes, but at the same time, it still gives it a bit of a feathery look, which I liked. I love the brush type for the application. It does make your lashes feel super crispy, and it’s a bit tough to remove.

It’s cheap, cute, and lasts all day! I would recommend it…. if you like the clumpy look. Otherwise, skip this one!

Mac Grand Illusion Liquid Lip Colour 12hr Wear Test & Review

I received the Mac Grand Illusion Lip colour in Let’s Rock for Christmas. It’s a red base with green glitter. It’s comfortable to wear, the sparkles last all day, and it makes even my super dry gross lips look juicy and plump.

It slightly feathers and your hair will stick to it, but overall it’s a super unique, beautiful colour. I love layering it over red lipsticks or wearing on its own. It also feels very hydrating! An easy way to put a little edge in your look! Highly recommend you try one for some fun.

Kiss True Volume Natural Plump Classy Lashes Review

I tried the classy style lashes. They are natural lashes that are supposed to taper naturally at the end. They cost me about CAD 12 at the drugstore which is super expensive IMHO.

They fit well without me having to trim them. The lashes have a tiny black band that is not very stiff, which makes it very easy to blend if you aren’t wearing eyeshadow but might for a more laborious application. They are incredibly full and long but at the same time kind of subtle and natural looking. Easy to wear.

After trying them, I was mostly just underwhelmed. I’d prefer to buy a five pack of synthetic lashes for $15; I think you get an equally as lovely effect.

Seleste Lipsticks Review & Wear Test

Seleste Lipsticks are handmade in Alberta, Canada – where I live! I was super excited to try them out. They pride themselves on their simple ingredients, affordability, and that a portion of sales goes to philanthropy.

They have about ten colours in matte and glossy formulas. I’ve tried out Rush (a glossy pink) and Colour me Gold (a now discontinued? golden nude colour). The Colour Me Gold colour was pretty disappointing, but Rush was a pretty bright but muted pink colour. It wore well all day and kept my lips feeling comfortable all day. It did feel a little bit grainy on my lips when I first applied the colour, but it eventually went away.

The packaging is not my favourite; the tubes are square and a little too big to fit in my lipstick holder on my vanity which means I have to store them separately from the rest of my collection. They also are a little bit expensive to be an affordable lipstick at $20/tube, IMHO.

Overall I am still curious and would like to check out more colours and to support local business! It wouldn’t be my first choice to buy a new lipstick tho D: