This bronzer comes in a beautiful frosted glass jar with a nice lid. The packaging is really beautiful.

I’m super fair and I was worried that this would be hard for me to work with, but it went on very nicely and not too dark. It’s slightly orange on my complexion in natural light, but under indoor lights, it looks really natural and beautiful. I don’t really bronze and it worked great as a contour on me.

It lasts really nice all day and doesn’t make me oily at all. I was worried it would be uncomfortable because it’s a cream, but I had no problems.

Overall it’s not something that I would reach for everyday because I don’t always go for warm looks, but when I do need it I know it’ll wear great and look nice.

I was really excited to try this out – the packaging is beautiful and I haven’t really used a powder cleanser before. I was really underwhelmed. It didn’t hurt my skin, but it didn’t help my skin either. It has a slightly bran-y smell to it, which I don’t particularly like.

The instructions say to use 1/2 tsp of powder, but when I tried this it didn’t lather a ton. Tatcha recommended I use more water and more product, which did help. But I’m still not blown away with it.

The packaging is beautiful and clever. The downside is you can’t use it in the shower and it can be a little bit clumsy to use versus a regular exfoliating cleanser.

Overall I don’t think it’s worth the hefty price-tag. It’s fun to try, and I do love the camellia cleansing oil, but I wouldn’t repurchase this rice powder.

I got this beautiful set of a liquid lipstick, a gloss, and a lip liner in my FabFitFun box. They retail for $48 USD from RealHer and 20% of the gross profits are donated to the AAUW. I had never heard of this brand before.

The deep red colours are very beautiful: the liquid lip and the liner are cool based, while the gloss seems more warm toned.

The liquid lipstick goes on very opaque but it takes a long time to dry down and it feels very powdery and gross once it has dried down. Your lips will still remain slightly tacky so it’s impossible to ignore the fact that you have something on your lips. It is my least favorite liquid lipstick formula I’ve ever tried and it was super uncomfortable. It did last well and doesn’t transfer.

The lip gloss claims to be plumping, but it just seemed like a normal gloss to me. It’s not sticky, it’s somewhat opaque…. If you layer it on top of the liquid lipstick it makes the liquid lipstick bearable. I’m not a huge lip gloss wearer, but overall it was decent. If you touch your lips, it will transfer.

The lip liner was ok… it felt more like a traditional creamy lipstick than an actual liner to me. If you smudge it, it will move around a little bit. Not my favorite.

Overall I wouldn’t recommend this lipkit! I think there are way better alternatives out there for each of the products. It’s also kind of confusing why they would pack a matte liquid lipstick with a lip gloss. I would rather just wear a creamy regular lipstick or stick to a comfortable matte liquid lipstick.

I picked up a package of the Dirty Works Cucumber Eye pads at Marshalls for like $5 for a set of 10. They were a lot more enjoyable than I thought they would be.

They are a very quick mask, you just leave them on for 3-5 minutes. They look super adorable, they are cloth sheet mask material printed to look like cucumbers. They adhere well to your eyes and don’t slide off.

I can’t say how effective they are at removing puffiness or brightening dark circles, but they are a fun treat to use, especially during a hangover.

I enjoy this Cake Dry Shampoo – I’ve only ever tried spray dry shampoos, this is my first actual powder dry shampoo. I purchased the color light-medium brown. I wish I had purchased the darker color.

I feel like if you have fairly greasy hair you do have to use quite a bit of product, which sucks because you don’t get a ton of powder and it’s not cheap. It also didn’t really help to cover my gray patch, it more just stained my scalp. It does blend in nicely with darker hair.

I found that it doesn’t add any grit or volume, which I personally love. It leaves your hair less oily feeling and smooth. I don’t think I would repurchase.

I purchased a 15 piece SexyLook Black Mask gift set from T&T, our Chinese grocery shop in Alberta. It comes with 5 Moisturizing, 5 Repairing, and 5 whitening black cotton masks. It also has a bonus V & T mask set.

I really love these masks & would recommend. The sheets are very thick, very black fabric that is super well saturated but not dripping. They feel very relaxing and are a really great value. When you take them off you don’t feel sticky or uncomfortable so you can just let the extra essence stay on your skin, which I love.

I would recommend if you can find a set to try them out!

I love this lipstick! It’s a bright, true red colour. It goes on very opaque and smoothly. Even tho it’s a mega-matte I don’t find it’s drying at all. It also lasts and lasts and lasts! The packaging is beautiful – very sturdy and the cap never falls off in your purse.

If you are looking for a basic red, this is it. It’s HG status.

I tried out the express cleansing wipes in the variety that has salicylic acid – I believe they are now discontinued but you can get other express cleansing wipe varieties.

I got them on sale for a great price. They are effective at removing makeup, don’t irritate my eyes at all, and my favorite part is the packaging. The packaging is superb. I don’t use makeup wipes every day so my #1 issue with them is that they tend to dry up. This product has really thick foil(?) packaging with a plastic cap and a sticker over top. They have not dried up even a little bit after being open for a few months.

Great value, would recommend and would repurchase!

I like this setting spray! That being said it doesn’t really keep me matte and I don’t really notice a difference when I use it. I FEEL like it makes me look less powdery, so I do enjoy using it. I’m pretty sure its useless but it’s still a really enjoyable part of my routine.

The mister is really nice, it doesn’t smell bad (like the WnW photo focus) and it’s affordable. I would repurchase!