Yadah Revitalizing Jelly Pack Face Mask Review, Demo & FAIL

I was excited when I saw these in Winners because it looked like a weird jelly cup, maybe two-step process looking at the packaging. When you open up the box they are just regular sheet masks. Instead of being coated in serum they are covered in what looks like jelly + serum. That was a little bit disappointing….

They are a reasonable price, but when our friend tried a mask with us, he had an allergic reaction D: Wouldn’t recommend or repurchase.

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Peel Review & Demo

I tried these out when I got a sample from Sephora (which if you ever can spend points on, I would highly recommend!). They come in a two-part sachet. You open up the first packet and rub the square cloth on your face, then wait 2 minutes, and apply step 2. It says not to rinse and follow up with a moisturiser. The extra gentle ones didn’t sting or turn my face red.

Immediately I found that it made my skin soft and smooth. I liked the result so much that I ended up purchasing a 30-day treatment of the regular strength daily peels. I think they have done a lot for my skin, especially around my chin area where I get lots of excess sebum. My acne has also improved, but I’m not sure if it’s because of this product or my overall skin health.

These are incredibly expensive, but you don’t NEED to use them every day. These are HG status right now but I’m actively looking for a cheaper alternative.

NYX Micro Brow Pencil Review, Demo & 12 HR Wear Test

Love the packaging and that you get a spoolie on the end. The lids do fall off if you travel with it, which is annoying. The pencil is easy to use and control. It’s not too stiff and not too soft and blends out well.

I use Ash Brown and it’s not super ashy, it’s almost a little bit warm. It lasts easily on its own for a full 12 hours even without setting it with a gel. I feel a lot better spending $12 for a brow product rather than the $27 for the same amount of product on a more expensive product. HG status!

Kat Von D White Ink Liner in Neruda Review, Demo & 12 HR Wear Test

I purchased the Kat Von D Ink Liner in Neruda, which is white. The felt tip is very fine and very stiff. It’s a very similar shape and size to the brush tip on her Tattoo liners. It goes on a little bit patchy, but it glides on the eye smoothly and is easy to control. You can build up the colour easily with another coat of liner.

The white colour stays white all day, even on my greasy lids. It doesn’t fade or smudge, even after 12 hours. I like it and do prefer it over her Tattoo liner.

Holika Holika Golden Monkey Glamour Lip 3-Step Kit Review & Demo

The 3 steps of the Holika Holika Golden Monkey Glamour Lip 3-Step Kit are to exfoliate, mask, and then use the honey treatment. The packaging is cute and reminds me of the 3-step nose strip packs.

The exfoliator is a saturated lip-shaped mask that you just rub/massage your lips. It stings a tiny bit. Next, you put on the lip-shaped gel mask. It doesn’t have a hole in it like some of the other lip masks, so you can’t talk! It’s best to lay down because it doesn’t stay on very well. The final step is to use the honey lip essence and it’s my favourite part of the mask. I would seriously buy this on its own. It smells just like honey but has a slightly runnier and less sticky texture. It makes a beautiful gloss.

Although I love 3 step facemasks in general, I thought this one was a little overkill. It wasn’t very exciting and my lips didn’t feel amazing afterwards. I would pass on it in the future!

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer Review, Demo & 12 HR Wear Test

The primer is a clear jelly and it looks and feels a lot like the Smashbox Photofinish primer. You only need the tiniest amount and It leaves your face feeling really soft and smooth. It really doesn’t do anything to minimize your pores.

That being said – this really is the only primer I’ve ever used that actually makes my makeup last longer. I also think that it helps a tinnnnny bit with oil control on a full 12 hour day. It’s a great price, nice packaging, and the first primer that I’d actually bother to use.

Kailijumei Flower Jelly Lipstick Review, Demo & 12 HR Wear Test

The presentation and packaging of this product is impressive. I love the tube and mirror and the way the lipstick releases from the lid. Whoever designed this loves makeup! The bullet is also beautiful with the flower and gold flecks.

I was surprised at how intense the colour was. I thought it would be more of a wash of colour, but it was really like wearing a lightweight, balmy lipstick. It almost leaves a little stain behind. I wish the lipsticks were more moisturising. It does smell a bit like alcohol/chemical. Except to reapply lots if you have dry lips!

I liked it more than I expected to, but it’s a little expensive.

Medusa’s Makeup Witch Lash Review, Demo & 12 HR Wear Test

Super affordable, vegan & cruelty-free, wears really well for 12 hours. The packaging is great and the wand makes application easy. The mascara is very lengthening and separating. It made my so-so lashes look lovely and full in one coat. If you have very straight lashes you might want to curl them before application because the product doesn’t give any curl/lift.

It wears very well for 12 hours. It’s a little hard for me to get here in Canada, which is too bad, otherwise, I would consider repurchasing.

Kao MegRhythym Steam Eye Mask Review & Demo #FaceMaskFriday 58

This Kao MegRhythym Steam Eye Mask is a self-heating eye mask you can find in the Asian beauty section of the grocery store! It’s not really a skincare type of product, more of a relaxation product. You can get it in scented or lavender variations.

They basically look like a menstrual pad with ear hooks! They heat up by themselves once you open the package and the heat lasts for a good 20-30 minutes before they are completely cool.

These are soooo good when your eyes are strained or tired. I recommend throwing in a few eyedrops prior to using the mask to really amp up the steaminess.